Synthetic rubber antioxidants

TBHQ also has characteristics such as high temperature resistance, oil solubility, and antibacterial properties, which are widely used in edible oils, fried foods, etc. By comparing the effects of various antioxidants in different products, summarizing the usage patterns, and providing theoretical basis for the application of TBHQ.

The antioxidant effect of this product is very ideal, 5-7 times stronger than BHA, BHT, and PG. Suitable for animal and vegetable fats and fatty foods, especially in vegetable oils, it is the preferred antioxidant for salad oil, blended oil, and high cooking oil.It can effectively delay oil oxidation, improve food stability, and significantly extend the shelf life of oil and fat rich foods.

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According to the hygiene standard GB2760 (0.4007) for the use of food additives in the People's Republic of China, TBHQ can be used for edible oils, fried foods, dried fish products, biscuits, instant noodles, instant boiled rice, canned dried fruits, pickled meat products, roasted and fried nut foods (supplemented in February 2007), etc. The maximum usage is 0.2g/kg. It is generally recommended to use 0.01~0.02% of the total amount of oil.

Synthetic rubber antioxidants

One dose is versatile and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds. Within the scope of added applications, it can inhibit the growth of almost all bacteria and yeast, and has a good inhibitory effect on mold harmful to human health such as Aspergillus flavus.This product does not affect the color and flavor of food, and is not used for coloring iron containing foods.

Synthetic Rubber Additives DTBHQ

The pumping method injects the TBHQ concentrated solution prepared by the seed method into a pipeline with a fixed flow rate and flow rate of fat or oil that needs to be stable at a specified proportion through a stainless steel quantitative pump. Ensure sufficient turbulence is generated in the pipeline to ensure uniform distribution of TBHQ.

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