Industrial Antioxidant MTBHQ

MTBHQ can be used as an antioxidant for unstable liquid organics: such as halogenated hydrocarbons, oils and fats (waxes), ethers, aldehydes, or in products containing these components. Usually added at 0.01%-1.0%, its antioxidant effect is significantly higher than that of hydroquinone.

MTBHQ is an effective storage stabilizer for unsaturated polyester resins and other polymerizable organics, as well as a stabilizer for highly reactive resins. 

a. It has a full range of functions and can play a good role in a wide temperature range, still has a good blocking effect at 114℃, and only slightly prolongs the curing of resins at elevated temperatures. 

b.In the high-temperature curing type pultrusion, molding type resin can better reflect the excellent effect of polymerization [while "tert-butyl catechol" by thermal decomposition, will lose the effect of polymerization, and even affect the color of the resin]. 

c. Good solubility, no pollution to polyester products, can react quickly with free radicals to achieve the effect of polymerization. Unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix of synthetic resin adhesives, because of its strong adhesion, fast infiltration speed, low viscosity, is widely used as pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, if the formula added 0.5% of MTBHQ as a heat stabilizer, it can be a good way to prevent the adhesion of the adhesive caused by aging problems.

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Product Details

White to light gray crystal or crystalline powder, with special odor, melting point 126.5~128.5℃, boiling point 300℃, slightly soluble in water (25℃, <1%), easily soluble in ethanol (120%), acetone (190%), ethyl acetate (100%), insoluble in toluene, and soluble in animal and vegetable oils.

 MTBHQ is mainly used as polymer inhibitor, heat and light stabilizer and industrial antioxidant. This product has higher solubility and better resistance to high temperature, so it has a wider range of application than "hydroquinone".

Industrial Antioxidant MTBHQ

Detailed introduction:

Chemical name: tert-butylhydroquinone, tert-butylhydroquinone, abbreviation: MTBHQ

English name: Tertiary butylhydroquinone(MTBHQ)

Molecular formula: C10H14O2

Molecular weight: 166.22

Legal number: INS 319; CAS [1948-33-0]; GB12493--90 (04.007)

Structural formula:

Industrial Antioxidant MTBHQ

MTBHQ is an effective anti-fisheye agent: In the process of PVC polymerization, if the polymerization reaction speed is too fast, it will lead to some particles not plasticized, so that "lumps" and "bright crystal spots" are formed in PVC products, commonly known as "The reasonable use of MTBHQ will greatly reduce the number of fisheyes in the products.

MTBHQ can be used as an intermediate in pharmaceuticals and other organic synthesis: MTBHQ has a hindered phenolic group.

MTBHQ can be used as a stabilizer for dyes and insecticides.

MTBHQ can be used as an antioxidant for industrial oils, fats, fatty acid esters, linseed oil, etc.

MTBHQ can be used as an antioxidant for pigments, dyestuffs and pharmaceutical intermediates, and is also a new type of inhibitor and antioxidant: when free radicals are present, it can add to free radicals to consume them.

Industrial Antioxidant MTBHQ   Industrial Antioxidant MTBHQ


Avoid using under strong alkali conditions to avoid discoloration of the product. Although MTBHQ is manufactured with the original crystals crushed into a powder that can pass 60 mesh, it still needs to be mixed thoroughly during use to ensure uniform dispersion.

Package specification and storage: 25KG/drum; the product should be stored in a dark, dry warehouse away from light. Protect from moisture and heat, and do not store and transport with corrosive and harmful substances.

Industrial Antioxidant MTBHQ   Industrial Antioxidant MTBHQ


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