Shandong Best Each Ships High-Quality DTBHQ to Shanghai, Helping Industrial Sector to Achieve Another Successful Result Ltd. has successfully shipped a batch of high quality 2,5-Di-tert-butylhydroquinone (DTBHQ) to Shanghai, demonstrating once again its strong production capacity and in-depth
2024/06/19 11:24
Shandong BEST Each delivers high quality synthetic rubber antioxidant (DTBHQ) to Weifang efficiently, helping the rubber industry to upgrade again. Recently, Shandong Best Best Food Technology Co., Ltd. successfully delivered a batch of high-quality synthetic rubber antioxidant (DTBHQ) to Weifang
2024/06/19 11:18
Ltd. has recently completed an important logistic task and successfully shipped 10 tons of high-quality DTBHQ to Guangdong, where it plans to export it to all over the world through the Guangdong market. This initiative not only highlights Best Each's excellent strength in the field of food science
2024/04/24 11:22
Shandong Best Each Food Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Best each”)has successfully completed the shipment of a batch of high-quality food products to the beautiful coastal city of Lianyungang. The shipment not only demonstrated Best each's strength and commitment in the field of
2024/04/24 10:49
Shandong Best Each shipment praised: quality products and excellent transportation build trust, TBHQ anti-fisheye agent shows its magic ability In the vast commercial ocean, Shandong Best Each has won the praise and trust of customers with its excellent product quality and outstanding
2024/04/19 16:46
Ltd. delivered a large-scale order to Shanghai with remarkable efficiency, showcasing its unparalleled logistics strength. Shandong Best Each Food Technology Co., Ltd. has recently completed a large-scale order shipment with great success, demonstrating its efficient and accurate logistics strength
2024/04/19 16:36
Precautions for use 1. The amount and proportion of terbutylhydroquinone used should be strictly controlled and should not exceed the maximum amount specified.2. Terbutylhydroquinone should be used in acidic medium, avoid mixing with alkaline substances.3. Terbutylhydroquinone should be stored in a
2024/01/17 10:59
Introduction and Applications of Terbutylhydroquinone (TBHQ)Introduction of TBHQ Terbutylhydroquinone (TBHQ) is a common food additive, which is widely used as antioxidant and preservative for edible oils, fats and oils, meat, fish, beverages and other foods. In this article, we will introduce the
2024/01/17 10:47
Terbutylhydroquinone has good antioxidant effect. It has no bad taste and odor when added to any oil and oil-containing food. Good oil solubility, low toxicity, low dosage, it belongs to safe A(1) products, the antioxidant capacity is greater than propyl gallate (PG), 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol (
2023/12/19 16:57
6. Safety EvaluationThe safety evaluation of TBHQ mainly includes toxicological evaluation and safety assessment. According to the results of many studies at home and abroad, the acute toxicity of TBHQ is low, and the oral LD50 of mice is 9.31g/kgbw, which belongs to the low toxicity category. In
2023/10/30 14:30
Antioxidant TBHQ: chemical structure, synthesis method, properties and uses, antioxidant mechanism, additive amount and use, safety evaluation, market demand and development trend, impact on the environment and treatment measures, evaluation of economic and social benefits, impact on human health
2023/10/30 13:24
Application cases of TBHQEdible oils and fats: Adding TBHQ to edible oils and fats can effectively slow down the rancidity process and prolong the shelf life of food. In practical application, TBHQ is usually added directly into oils and fats in the form of powder or liquid, and the usage amount is
2023/10/23 11:40