Leader's Speech

It has taken more than 30 years for the company to morph into what it is today. We have encountered too many difficulties and challenges on this long road of growth, but we have overcome them in the end. The company has grown up and we are always improving and developing. We have also had numerous rewards. I am also particularly grateful to you all for the past 30 years or so of development. You have been working hard, making progress and making your own contribution to the development of the company. We have done what we were supposed to do and have been expected to do our part to make our company an influence in the industry.

Along the way, there have been mud and bumps in the road, and countless partners have followed me in the fight for the firm. Everyone has worked hard. There are too many great companies in our industry and we have been competing, playing and making breakthroughs and changes. The external environment has changed dramatically over the last 30 years or so and we're still going strong and getting better and better as a result of our combined efforts, but the firm still has a long way to go and we've got a long way to go. 30 years is a long time indeed. The children have all grown up. In this new era our company still faces numerous challenges and still has a long way to go. The future lies ahead. We must go all the way, and only by moving forward and improving ourselves will we be able to do better in the industry as a whole.

The problems we have encountered over the past 30 years are not only the result of peer competition and changes in the external market, but also internal problems. In the process of constant optimisation, countless talented people have joined our team and I think the presentation and recognition of each project can show the countless contributions each person has made, which has allowed us to grow and stand out from our many competitors. Now that we are here, we will continue to work hard and continue to carry the weight. I also hope that our company will celebrate 40, 50 or even 100 years. Maybe we won't see it then, but we want it to continue for a hundred years and try to contribute more to society. As Chairman, I would like to thank you in particular for your support along the way to keep the company moving forward and will continue to lead you to go further and better in the future, to do better and excel in the industry.

It is very gratifying to have countless guests, leaders, customers and peers from all walks of life witnessing our company's 30 years of development today! Colleagues to make a bigger and stronger century enterprise, let us shoulder the mission more efforts to innovation, development, so that our company go higher, stronger and farther ....

Thank you all!