Vegetable oils and fats antioxidant

The tert butanol method is widely used and can be catalyzed by strong acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated phosphoric acid. Both domestic and foreign patent literature have reported this process, such as using toluene or xylene as solvents, the selectivity and yield of this reaction are relatively ideal. In addition, strong acidic ion exchange resins such as D001 and Amberlyst 35, solid acids [5], zeolites [6], and ionic liquids [7] can also be used as catalysts for this reaction, but their catalytic activity is not ideal.

At present, the production of tert butyl hydroquinone both domestically and internationally adopts the tert butylation method of hydroquinone, as shown in Figure 2. According to different classifications of alkylation reagents, it can be divided into tert butyl method, isobutylene method, and MTBE method. Due to the high toxicity of MTBE to human beings and the environment, this method is almost limited to theoretical research in the laboratory and cannot be promoted in industrial applications.

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Antioxidants in soybean oil antioxidant effect in the following order: TBHQ>Vc>VE>Catechin>BHT, of which TBHQ, VE and BHT oil solubility is good, heat does not occur after the colour change, suitable for use as a high-grade soybean oil antioxidant. Although Vc and catechin have strong antioxidant effect, they are difficult to dissolve in oil and have poor heat stability, so it is not suitable as antioxidant for advanced oils and fats, but only suitable for biscuits, instant noodles, margarine and mayonnaise and other fatty foods with more water content.

Vegetable oils and fats antioxidant TBHQ

Synthesis process

Tert-butanol method

Tert-butanol method is more commonly used, can be used as a catalyst with strong acid, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated phosphoric acid and so on. Domestic and foreign patent literature have reported the process, such as toluene or xylene as a solvent, the reaction selectivity and yield are ideal. 

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