Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQ

Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQ, also known as tert-butylhydroquinone, is mainly used in edible oils and fats, fried baked goods, nut cereals, meat products, etc. It is a phenolic oil-soluble antioxidant. TBHQ has high efficiency and stability, and can extend the shelf life of food rich in oil and improve food safety.

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Although some people don't know about the Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQ , Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQappears in all corners of our lives and quietly improves our quality of life.

Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQ

Product Parameters:

Molecular formula: C10H14O2

Molecular weight: 166.22

CAS No.: 1948-33-0

TBHQ is a highly effective and safe food antioxidant, which has been approved for use in more than one hundred countries and regions around the world, including Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. It is widely used in edible oils, oil-containing foodstuffs, animal feeds, and daily-use cosmetics and other products.

Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQ

Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQ

Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQ

Antioxidant (oil-soluble) TBHQ

Product Characteristics:

High temperature resistance: it can be applied to high temperature processed food, such as frying food, with good thermal stability.

Product standard:

TBHQ, with reference to the U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards for similar products, the country in 2011 unified the formulation of the GB-26403-2011 national standards, which was implemented on May 1, 2011, for our PepsiCo, we developed and produced TBHQ quality is higher than GB-26403-2011

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Food Production License

Detailed list of Food Production License Varieties

Team Introduction:

Since its inception, the company has adhered to the concept of employing and nurturing people, attracting excellent talents in this profession in the community, and Shandong University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology have a good team of co-operation.Technical support for the production of high quality oil-soluble antioxidant TBHQ

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Factory scene

Factory scene

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