Animal fat antioxidant TBHQ

In addition, essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid in oil are also damaged, reducing the nutritional function of the product. In severe cases, harmful substances such as oxides, peroxides, and decomposition products such as epoxypropylaldehyde can be produced, leading to food poisoning. Adding antioxidant TBHO is a simple, economical, and ideal method to prevent and slow down the loss of nutrients and the generation of odors caused by food oxidation.

The main mechanism of TBHQ is to provide hydrogen to the free radicals R or RO0 in oils and fats, which can form stable dimers and become relatively stable substances, interrupting the chain reaction of oils and fats, thereby delaying the oxidation process of oils and fats

At high temperatures, a series of complex chemical reactions such as oxidation, decomposition, polymerization, and hydrolysis are prone to occur, resulting in a rapid increase in the acid value, peroxide value, and carbon base value of roasted foods. In the later stage of storage and sales, unpleasant odors are easily produced. The use of TBHQ can effectively delay oil oxidation in pastry foods.

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Product Details

If you want to prolong the preservation time of animal fats and oils, you can't do without the Animal fat antioxidant TBHQ.Let me introduce you to it!

  1. Product Parameters

Molecular formula: C10H14O2

Molecular weight: 166.22

CAS No.: 1948-33-0

  2.Product Characteristics

Animal fat antioxidant TBHQ can be applied to high-temperature processed foods, such as fried foods, with good heat stability.

TBHQ antioxidant for animal fats and oils has fat solubility and can be dissolved in animal and vegetable fats and oils, which makes it easy to add and use, thus improving the warranty time of fats and oils.

Animal fat antioxidant TBHQ

 3.Quality assurance

Ltd. in 2019 at the same time won the China Quality Fangyuan Certification Group food safety 22000, quality management IS09001 dual system certification, the system is running well standardized, the company's internal control to take three levels of quality management, the intrinsic quality of the resolute implementation of the national standard GB26403-2011.

4.Certificate of Honor

There is no best, only better, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is the core of the company's management, after years of perseverance and efforts, the majority of merchants and social recognition!

Shandong Province Baizhiyi Food Technology Co. has been awarded the title of Heavy Credit Class A Enterprise in the financial system, the title of High and New Technology Enterprise in scientific and technological innovation, and the title of Star Enterprise in the selection activities in the city of Shandong Province with the strong support of the local government.

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