Food additive TBHQ

TBHQ is a low toxicity and low dosage antioxidant for oils and oily food, with a wide range of applications and good antioxidant properties. China allows TBHQ to be used as a food additive, with a maximum dosage of 0.2g/Kg. The national hygiene standard number is GB276090.4007.

The safety of TBHQ has been comprehensively reported, and its acute toxicity belongs to low toxicity level. It has not been found that it accumulates in the body tissue and has no significant impact on the development and genetics of rats, and no carcinogenic mutations have been observed

Vegetable oil, animal fat, chewing gum, soup, seasoning, vitamins, grain food, nuts, essence, sausage, animal feed, grain food packaging, candy, instant potatoes, flavor substances, yeast, cosmetics, etc

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Product Details

1.Product Parameters

Tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), also known as tert-butylhydroquinone, white crystalline powder with a point of 126.5-128.5 ℃ point of 300 ℃ CAS No.: 1948-33-0, easily soluble in alcohols and waking up to the majority of fats and oils, especially vegetable oils antioxidant function of the most effective. Tertiary butylhydroquinone (t butylhydroquinone), referred to as TBHQ molecular formula for CH1402, molecular weight of 166.22.

Food additive TBHQ

2.Academic research and development

Ltd. and Shandong University in 1990 to cooperate in joint research and development, with independent intellectual property rights, with a unique synthesis, purification process, after more than 30 years of large-scale production of continuous innovation and transformation, product purity, appearance, and constantly have a qualitative leap, both in terms of purity and appearance, in the industry and the majority of customers have achieved a good reputation.

3.Team Introduction

The company now has 6 engineers specialising in chemistry and chemical engineering, 2 honorary professors, and more than 20 people with specialist qualifications or above, who have been entrusted with important tasks, and who have played an irreplaceable and valuable role.

Food Additive

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