Oil and Grease Antioxidant TBHQ

Product Performance

1. Strong antioxidant ability: 5-7 times stronger than BHA, BHT, PG, etc.

2. Synergistic property: there is synergistic property when used with other antioxidants (such as BHA, BHt) and chelating agents (such as citric acid, etc.).

3. High temperature resistance: It can be applied to high temperature processed food, such as fried food, with good thermal stability.

4. Antibacterial effect: it can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds.

5. No coloring: no flavor or color change when used because of encountering iron or copper ions.

6. Safety: its acute toxicity layer low toxicity level.

7. Grease solubility: soluble in animal and vegetable fats and oils, easy to add to use.


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Product Details

Oil and grease antioxidant TBHQ

Oil and Grease Antioxidant TBHQ

Molecular formula: C10H14O2

Molecular weight: 166.22

CAS No.: 1948-33-0

TBHQ is an efficient and safe food antioxidant, which has been approved for use in more than one hundred countries and regions around the world, such as Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. It is widely used in edible oil, oil-containing food, animal feed, daily cosmetics and other products.

 Oil and Grease Antioxidant TBHQ   Oil and Grease Antioxidant TBHQ

Quality standard【Execute GB 26403-2011】

Method of use:

1 Direct method

Heat the grease to 60~70°C, add TBHQ in the required proportion, stir strongly for 10~15 minutes to dissolve it and then keep stirring (no need to stir vigorously to avoid excessive air entering) for about 20 minutes to ensure even distribution of TBHQ.

2. Seed method

Firstly, dissolve TBHQ completely in a small amount of fat (or 95% alcohol solution) to make 5%~10% of TBHQ fat (or alcohol solution), then directly or add it into the fat or oil with a meter and then stir it to make TBHQ evenly distributed.

3. Pumping method

The TBHQ concentrated solution prepared by the seed method is injected into the fat or oil pipeline with fixed flow rate and flow rate through the stainless steel quantitative pump according to the specified ratio. The pipeline should ensure sufficient turbulence to produce a uniform distribution of TBHQ.

4. Spray impregnation method

Cured meat products, dried fish products, nuts, etc. can be sprayed directly on the surface with diluted TBHQ solution, or impregnated with diluted TBHQ. The concentration of the solution can be deployed according to the requirements of various types of food, generally 0.5g/kg TBHQ alcohol solution (or propylene glycol, vegetable oil) spraying or dipping. At the same time, attention must be paid to ensure that TBHQ is evenly distributed on the surface of the product.

5. Mixing method

Mix directly with solid ingredients evenly.

Oil and Grease Antioxidant TBHQ


l Must be fully dissolved in grease

l Avoid using this product under alkaline conditions

TBHQ should not be added more than 0.02% (in terms of oil and grease content)

TBHQ should not be mixed with PG (propyl gallate)

l Citric acid can improve the antioxidant activity of TBHQ

Oil and Grease Antioxidant TBHQ   Oil and Grease Antioxidant TBHQ

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