Fiber dyeing agent

Its CAS number is 1948-33-0, and it is easily soluble in ethanol and ether. It is the most effective antioxidant for most oils, especially vegetable oils. T-butylhydroquinone, abbreviated as TBHQ, has a molecular formula of Cl0H1402 and a molecular weight of 166.22. [1] It is a white to light gray crystalline or crystalline powder with a very slight special odor. It is soluble in ethanol, acetic acid, ethyl ester, isopropanol, ether, and oils, and is almost insoluble in water

Oil antioxidants are a type of substance that can prevent or delay the deterioration of oils or fatty foods, extend their shelf life, and tert butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ) is a high-quality edible oil antioxidant. The article comprehensively introduces the properties and synthesis of tert butyl hydroquinone, as well as its applications in various fields.

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The seed method first completely dissolves TBHQ in a small amount of oil or 95% alcohol solution, and prepares 5-10% TBHQ oil or alcohol solution. Then, directly or with a measuring device, it is added to the fat or oil and stirred evenly.The pumping method injects the TBHQ concentrated solution prepared by the seed method into a pipeline with a fixed flow rate and flow rate of fat or oil that needs to be stable at a specified proportion through a stainless steel quantitative pump.

Fiber dyeing agent

According to the hygiene standard GB2760 (0.4007) for the use of food additives in the People's Republic of China, TBHQ can be used for edible oils, fried foods, dried fish products, biscuits, instant noodles, instant boiled rice, canned dried fruits, pickled meat products, roasted and fried nut foods (supplemented in February 2007), etc. The maximum usage is 0.2g/kg. It is generally recommended to use 0.01~0.02% of the total amount of oil.

Raw Materials for Fibre Dyeing

The antioxidant effect of this product is very ideal, 5-7 times stronger than BHA, BHT, and PG. Suitable for animal and vegetable fats and fatty foods, especially in vegetable oils, it is the preferred antioxidant for salad oil, blended oil, and high cooking oil.It can effectively delay oil oxidation, improve food stability, and significantly extend the shelf life of oil and fat rich foods.

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