Rosin resin antioxidant

The experimental results show that adding 002% TBHQ to oil can increase the antioxidant stability of the tested oil by 2-5 times, thus extending the shelf life of oil based foods compared to adding traditional antioxidants; And the antioxidant effect increases with the increase of the addition amount; The use of a small amount of synergist in combination with TBHQ can have a synergistic effect on antioxidant activity and enhance its antioxidant effect; The antioxidant effect of TBHQ on different oils is not entirely related to the iodine value, so further research on its application and development needs to be carried out in order to achieve better antioxidant effects and benefits as much as possible.

The oil in oily food undergoes oxidation in the air, producing free radicals and peroxides, which are early indicators of food rancidity. Peroxides further decompose to form small organic compounds such as aldehydes, ketones, and acids, which directly affect the taste and flavor of the product and cause great harm to human health. Researchers have been committed to exploring efficient antioxidant technologies and developing safe products.

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Animal fats undergo a series of reactions such as the aggregation of fats, the production and transmission of free radicals, and so on at high temperatures. At the same time, animal fats lack natural antioxidants, so it is necessary to add effective antioxidants to maintain an appropriate shelf life. Chen Yongquan et al. measured the changes in peroxide value of samples added with different antioxidants in lard while studying the antioxidant properties of TBHQ. It can be seen that various antioxidants have significant antioxidant effects, with the order of advantages and disadvantages being TBHQ>PG>BHA>BHT>tocopherol.

Rosin resin antioxidant

Instant noodles, fried foods, puffed foods, and other oily foods, due to their high oil content (usually about 20% oil and 2%~6% water), are the main factors affecting the storage life of products due to air oxidation. Especially in areas with high room temperature, such as some southern regions of China, the sourness and flavor of instant noodles have become a hot topic of concern for instant noodle production enterprises and consumers. Therefore, appropriate selection of antioxidants can inhibit the rancidity of oily food production and prolong the storage life of the product. Shelf life is considered an effective way to prevent the product from deteriorating due to oxidation. TBHQ antioxidant can be directly added to the frying oil used in the production of instant noodles, with a typical addition amount of 0.01%.

Biscuits and pastries contain high levels of oil, especially crispy biscuits and mooncakes, which are prone to oxidation and spoilage. Adding appropriate antioxidants is an effective method to delay the oxidation degradation of baked goods and extend the shelf life of products. However, research has found that TBHQ cannot be "carried into" baked goods, and the preservation effect of using TBHQ alone is not good. Generally speaking, TBHQ or PG is also added to the baked oil to improve its stability before and during baking

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