Animal fat antioxidant

Using isobutylene as an alkylation reagent requires a reaction under closed conditions, which can also be catalyzed by strong acids. In a mixed solvent of xylene and ketone, 85% phosphoric acid is used as a catalyst [8], and isobutylene is added to synthesize tert butylhydroquinone. The selectivity of the single tert butylation reaction can reach over 90%. Cationic resin [9] can also serve as a catalyst for this reaction, but the effect is not very ideal. Isobutene has higher activity than tert butanol, and its application and promotion prospects are very optimistic. 

At present, the most commonly used antioxidants for oils and their products are BHA, BHT, PG, TBHQ, and tocopherols. As for vegetable oils, their antioxidant capacity is in the order of TBHQ>PG>BHT>BHA. As for animal fats, the order of their antioxidant capacity is TBHQ>PG>BHA>BHT. For anhydrous milk fat, their antioxidant capacity is in the order of PG>TBHQ>BHA>tocopherols. For certain processed foods rich in oil, such as fried potato chips, which have a large surface area and are prone to oxidation and spoilage, the order of antioxidant capacity is: TBHQ>PG>BHT>BHA.

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How to use the product

Direct method

Heat the grease to 60~70°C, add TBHQ according to the required proportion amount, stir vigorously for 10~15 minutes to dissolve it then stir continuously (no need to stir vigorously to avoid excessive air entry) for about 20 minutes to ensure the TBHQ is evenly distributed.

Seed method

First dissolve TBHQ in a small amount of oil (or 95% alcohol solution), formulated as 5% ~ 10% of TBHQ oil (or alcohol solution), then directly or by the dosage added to the fat or oil to go and then stir, so that TBHQ uniform distribution.

Animal fat antioxidant


TBHQ should be fully soluble and evenly dispersed in fats and oils, otherwise the antioxidant effect will be impaired.

Some organic acids and their coolants can enhance the activity of TBHQ. It is better to mix with 0010.02% citric acid.

This product should not be mixed with PG (propyl gallate). Avoid using this product under strong alkaline conditions.

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