Bone meal antioxidant TBHQ

At present, the most commonly used antioxidants for oils and their products are BHA, BHT, PG, TBHQ, and tocopherols. As for vegetable oils, their antioxidant capacity is in the order of TBHQ>PG>BHT>BHA. As for animal fats, the order of their antioxidant capacity is TBHQ>PG>BHA>BHT.

Isobutene has higher activity than tert butanol, and its application and promotion prospects are very optimistic. When the tert butanol process encounters bottlenecks, replacing tert butanol with isobutene is a feasible breakthrough direction. Patent [10] discloses a method for preparing 2-tert butylhydroquinone and co producing BHA using isobutene as an alkylation reagent, which has good selectivity and high raw material utilization rate.

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Eastman in the United States, Camlin in India, and others. At present, the production of tert butyl hydroquinone both domestically and internationally adopts the tert butylation method of hydroquinone, as shown in Figure 2. According to different classifications of alkylation reagents, it can be divided into tert butyl method, isobutylene method, and MTBE method. Due to the high toxicity of MTBE to human beings and the environment, this method is almost limited to theoretical research in the laboratory and cannot be promoted in industrial applications.

Bone meal antioxidant TBHQ

Oil is one of the basic nutrients in human diet, and most foods contain abundant oil. It can be said that human health cannot do without oil, and the quality and safety of oil are closely related to human health. However, the active chemical properties of oils and fats are prone to deterioration due to oxidation and other factors. Oil antioxidants are a type of substance that can prevent or delay the deterioration of oils or fatty foods, extend their shelf life, and tert butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ) is a high-quality edible oil antioxidant.

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The pumping method injects the TBHQ concentrated solution prepared by the seed method into a pipeline with a fixed flow rate and flow rate of fat or oil that needs to be stable at a specified proportion through a stainless steel quantitative pump. Ensure sufficient turbulence is generated in the pipeline to ensure uniform distribution of TBHQ.

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