Coating antioxidants

More than 20 countries have approved the use of TBHQ as a food antioxidant, including China, the United States, Australia, Brazil, etc.Vegetable oil, animal fat, chewing gum, soup, seasoning, vitamins, grain food, nuts, essence, sausage, animal feed, grain food packaging, candy, instant potatoes, flavor substances, yeast, cosmetics, etc.China allows TBHQ to be used as a food additive, with a maximum dosage of 0.2g/Kg. The national hygiene standard number is GB276090.4007.It has not been found that it accumulates in the body tissue and has no significant impact on the development and genetics of rats, and no carcinogenic mutations have been observed.

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Researchers have been committed to exploring efficient antioxidant technologies and developing safe products. The successful development and widespread use of antioxidants such as TBHQ have solved the problem of rancidity in oil-rich foods. TBHQ, BHA, BHT, PG, etc. are all free radical absorbents that can transform free radicals into stable products and block free radical chain reactions.

Coating antioxidants

It can be seen that various antioxidants have significant antioxidant effects, with the order of advantages and disadvantages being TBHQ>PG>BHA>BHT>tocopherol.

And the antioxidant effect increases with the increase of the addition amount; The use of a small amount of synergist in combination with TBHQ can have a synergistic effect on antioxidant activity and enhance its antioxidant effect; The antioxidant effect of TBHQ on different oils is not entirely related to the iodine value, so further research on its application and development needs to be carried out in order to achieve better antioxidant effects and benefits as much as possible.

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