Synthetic Tert-butylhydroquinone

Oxidized fish oil is harmful to human health, so it is important to prevent oxidation and improve the stability of fish oil. According to research, when fish oil is stored at room temperature without the addition of TBHQ, the time to reach the hygiene limit for fish oil peroxide value (POV) is 13 days, while the time to reach this value after the addition of TBHQ is about 80 days. Whether at 60 ℃ or room temperature.

When comparing the antioxidant effects of TBHQ and tea polyphenols on fish oil, it was found that although tea polyphenols also have good antioxidant effects on fish oil, adding TBHQ has a better effect and is more conducive to fish oil storage at low temperatures. Due to the fact that tea polyphenols are natural antioxidants, antioxidants can be selected according to different needs.

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TBHQ may volatilize faster than BHT. Therefore, the application of microcapsule technology can solve this problem under high temperature conditions. Using natural antioxidant tea polyphenols, BHA, BHT, and synergistic agent citric acid as the core material, and food grade natural substance p-cyclodextrin as the wall material, microcapsule antioxidant was prepared using microcapsule technology.

Synthetic Tert-butylhydroquinone

Water soluble antioxidants are soluble in water and mainly used for food oxidation and discoloration. Commonly used are ascorbic acids, isoascorbic acids and their salts, phytic acid, disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, amino acids, spices, and sugar alcohols.

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Vegetable oil, animal fat, chewing gum, soup, seasoning, vitamins, grain food, nuts, essence, sausage, animal feed, grain food packaging, candy, instant potatoes, flavor substances, yeast, cosmetics, etc

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