Sunflower oil antioxidant TBHQ

 Tertiary butylhydroquinone, abbreviated as TBHQ, was approved as a food additive by the US FDA in 1972 and later by other countries around the world. It was approved for use in China in 1991. Enterprises producing tert butyl hydroquinone both domestically and internationally include Guangdong Food Industry Research Institute, Taibang, Eastman in the United States, Camlin in India, and others. At present, the production of tert butyl hydroquinone both domestically and internationally adopts the tert butylation method of hydroquinone, as shown in Figure 2. According to different classifications of alkylation reagents, it can be divided into tert butyl method, isobutylene method, and MTBE method. Due to the high toxicity of MTBE to human beings and the environment, this method is almost limited to theoretical research in the laboratory and cannot be promoted in industrial applications.

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Sunflower oil antioxidant TBHQ, i.e. TBHQ, is a white or slightly reddish-brown crystalline powder with a very light special fragrance, almost insoluble in water (about 5 per cent), soluble in ethanol, ethyl acetate, ether and other organic solvents.

How to use the product

Pumping method

Seed method of preparation of TBHQ concentrated solution, through the stainless steel quantitative pump in accordance with the prescribed ratio of injection needs to be stabilized with a fixed flow rate, flow rate of fat or oil in the pipeline. Pipeline to ensure that enough turbulence, so that TBHQ uniform distribution.

Sunflower oil antioxidant TBHQ

Cooperative enterprises

With the unique and excellent synthesis process, high quality and high purity products, Shandong BEST Food Technology Co., Ltd. has won the recognition of customers at home and abroad.

Shandong BEST Food Technology

 Co., Ltd. and Jinmailang Food Co., Ltd. have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship since 2007, reached a cooperation with COFCO Group in 2008, established a cooperative relationship with Uni Group in 2015, and established a cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises such as Henan Midoqi and Smet in 2018.

High temperature resistant, can be used for instant noodles, pastries, and other fried foods, with a maximum withstand temperature of 230 "C or above.

One dose is versatile and can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds. Within the scope of added applications, it can inhibit the growth of almost all bacteria and yeast, and has a good inhibitory effect on mold harmful to human health such as Aspergillus flavus

This product does not affect the color and flavor of food, and is not used for coloring iron containing foods

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TBHQ Parameters

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