Pet feed antioxidant TBHQ

Are preservatives added to all pet staple foods? Yes, they must be added! However, not all preservatives are harmful to pets, and you need to look carefully at the ingredient list to distinguish them.


There are two types of preservatives in staple food, one is called antioxidant, which prevents the oxidation of oils and fats in the staple food, and the other is called mildew inhibitor, which prevents the staple food from getting moldy due to moisture.

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There are two types of antioxidants, one is chemical synthesized and the other is natural antioxidants.


      Chemical synthesis, such as BHT, BHQ, TBHQ, ethoxyquinoline, PE, etc., these are considered to be called chemical synthesis of antioxidants, these antioxidants have been banned in Europe, that in China and the United States, is the amount of additive per kilogram can not be greater than 0.2, these chemical synthesis of antioxidants, it is true that there is now some controversy, but the antioxidant effect is relatively good. There is no data to prove its safety or harm.


       That another, belonging to 100 percent natural safety, called natural antioxidants, that for example mixed tocopherols, that is, vitamin e, rosemary extract, this is considered a natural antioxidant. The advantage is that the safety is very high, 100% safe, the disadvantage is that the antioxidant effect is relatively weak.


Mixed tocopherols: antioxidants and nutrient enhancers are more important in fortified foods;


Rosemary extract: in preventing oxidation of fats and oils, maintaining the flavor of meat, etc. has a significant effect.


       For example, Pampered Village's full-price, full-term, three-piece cat food. The staple food is the pet to feed every day, so we choose the product is very focused on the quality of the product raw materials and the use of additives in this area, because of the high amount of fresh meat added with all-natural antioxidants, so it is safer.


        The last kind of preservative: mold inhibitor. Anti-mold agent is now very safe and mature, such as potassium amino acids, calcium propionate belongs to a very safe mold inhibitor. However, because puffed dry food, moisture are very low, so generally do not add mold inhibitors.


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